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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Self-Realisation And Karma

Self-realisation is the recognition and understanding of the soul's actions and reactions. Unless we have a deep concern for this we cannot progress. We must see if an action is beneficial and channelled into the service of others. For then it is of service tot he self. If we do happen to perform some harmful action, our knowledge and yoga will give the power to change, and to realise 'past is past'.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mind Can Heal Diseases

Dr. Albert Mason, an anaesthetist, came across an unusual sixteen-year-old boy, who was admitted to a hospital for the treatment of fish-skin disease. His whole body was covered with black warts. As the skin transplant operation did not succeed, Dr. Mason thought of using powers of suggestion. The boy had good concentration and was accepting suggestions well. In the state of relaxation, the suggestion that the warts from his left arm would disappear indeed worked in a few days. When the wonder case was shown to the surgeon-in-charge, he was amazed and explained that this is an incurable disease. The second attempt in curing the right arm and the third attempt in curing legs also resulted in a good measure of success.

The mind plays a subtle role in curing an illness. With the power of the mind, we can reduce and even eliminate many of the ailments we suffer from. Everything depends on the mind. The creative power of the thought is the greatest power of all.

Taken from a book entitled "Self-Empowerment" by Bridget Menezes

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Loss of Perspective

The forces which interact to produce the phenomena of world history and geography: souls, matter and God, are threaded by the law of karma. when there is mental communication with God, the soul's relationship with matter changer. This means that the internal love-link that the soul has with the Supreme is reflected in the performance of the soul in the material world and in the degree to which the soul has mastery over matter; firstly over the senses of the body and through that, over the colours, shapes and sounds of the material world.

We have continually sought to understand which way to act, but have lost our sense of direction for various reasons:

  • We forgot that we were soul-actors.
  • We became lost on the stage.
  • We became over-identified with our costumes - the physical body.
  • We lost sight of the story of the drama.
  • We forgot that we were residents of the soul world.
  • Due to body-consciousness the soul severed its subtle connection with the Supreme Soul.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Spiritual Vision or Drishti

In a state of high self-regard, the awareness of oneself as a spiritual being performing pure action, brings the awareness that other beings are also souls performing through their bodies. When there is this drishti; this way of seeing another person as a spiritual being, when the attitude of soul-to-soul is maintained, then there is true communication and pure interaction and the desired state of peace, happiness and purity occurs automatically. If you achieve a state in which you are naturally peaceful, pure and happy, you can be sitting anywhere and, because the thought vibrations emanating from you, the soul, are of such high quality, other beings are necessarily receiving your service.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Solace In The Company Of The Polite

We all realise the importance of practising virtues and qualities in life, such as politeness, tolerance and patience. Many of our problems and much of our sufferings are caused by a lack of politeness and a false sense of pride.

An envious person cannot tolerate another's achievements or growth. This happens because we forget our own unique identity and talents. We need no selfish motives. With the virtue of tolerance, we will be able to see wonders happening, not only in us but in others as well, because with tolerance we will automatically practise patience.

People always find solace and comfort in the company of polite people. They talk less, listen more and never argue unnecessarily in order to prove their point. This quality is generally not expressed in words but automatically manifests in one's behaviour. The vibrations of this quality are naturally and easily transmitted to others.

Taken from a book entitled "Self-Empowerment" by Bridget Menezes

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Yogi In Action

By definition, a Raja Yogi in one who has a mental link with the Supreme Soul, the source of all goodness. This, coupled with an understanding of the laws of action which govern the behaviour of souls, means that one does not have to renounce society in order to achieve enlightenment. Rather, the soul filled with illumination faces society directly with understanding and the compassion to serve it and to elevate it so that it.

The soul becomes elevated not by the renunciation of responsibilities or worldly duties but by a renunciation of the negativity that exists within the role being played. The Raja Yogi does not try to escape social obligations but rather purifies them through becoming filled with light, love, peace and happiness. This stage of self-awareness and God-communication imparts a subtle richness into one's life-pattern.

There are those who believe that the elevated state is beyond society and its trimmings. They fine a quiet spot in the jungle or a monastery and contemplate deeper things. There are others who are stuck in the quicksand of their problems, and believe society's renunciates to be saints. However, holiness and virtue are qualities attained in one's life situation, not in running away from it. The Raja Yogi understands that the elevated state is not merely a matter of elevated thoughts, but elevated actions for the benefit of the self and the world. We are what we do and not so much what we imagine ourselves to be. The external circumstances are merely the unfolding of what we are internally.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Steps Required to Return to the Perfect, Natural State - Conquest of the Vices and Inculcation of Virtues

Through yoga with Shiv Baba, the shadows of negativity will naturally be replaced by His virtues. While in action, it is necessary to reinforce the experiences of meditation by avoiding negative and wasteful thoughts and to consciously develop the divine of tolerance, serenity, humility, compassion, sweetness, generosity and clarity.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Steps Required to Return to the Perfect, Natural State - Conquest of the Senses

Sense-gratification prevents me from working in the region where spirituality is effective. The soul tumbles at the mercy of the senses, sense objects and sense experiences. Even in dreams, the senses and sense objects pervade. Those who are entirely preoccupied with the material world find difficulty in remembering God and developing spiritually. The mind has to be disconnected from the engines of the senses, and connected to the powerhouse of spiritual energy, God. The senses draw our mind towards the various flavours, colours, sounds and sensations. When we have satisfied one desire, we buzz like a bee from one flower to another searching to satisfy another. The memory of sensual pleasures takes us again and again to the objects of desire. Such desires cause many interfering thoughts in meditation.

The mind can only be truly concentrated on God when it is beyond the pull of the senses. Even in the last moments of life, the senses and their objects stand in the way of a quiet departure from the body. From birth to death, the soul labours under the illusion that the senses and their objects are the sources of happiness. It can only reach and realise the Supreme Soul by crossing the minefield of sense attraction and excitement.

In the same way that a rocket shoots beyond the earth's gravity, the soul realises that the beauty of things and people is illusory and is able to fly to the true source beauty, Shiv Baba. It is the soul that bestows life and beauty to the otherwise inanimate body. One who looks to physical beauty without seeing the spiritual beauty is like one who tries to taste a beautiful fruit which is only made of clay.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Steps Required to Return to the Perfect, Natural State - Having an Aim and Object

It is the end of the cycle of 84 births and we know the balancing of accounts is drawing near. We know the new age must be one of complete harmony, and it is being established on the basis of souls becoming pure now. So the souls align themselves to become as royal, pure and elevated as Lakshmi and Narayan. Thus the mind, intellect and sanskaras are aimed. An aim and object for one's life ensures the right steps. As far as the aim is clear, the steps and efforts will be full of determination.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Steps Required to Return to the Perfect, Natural State - Knowledge

Out of the renewed relationship with the Supreme Father comes a deep awareness of what is beneficial and what is unbeneficial, what is spiritual and what is physical. The soul naturally gains a distaste for grossness since it knows that this impedes its relationship with God. Our appreciation of the deep wisdom of Baba leads us to a love of all things. We thus come out of the whirlpool of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment.

Through the practice and development of yoga, Shiva Baba builds the soul up, recreating it by renewing its spiritual strength. It is not a matter of changing the self. It is a matter of returning to one's true self through the link with God. I experience everything directly from the source, so I need nothing. A non-violent restraint of the mind - not to thoughtlessness - leads to the love-born remembrance of Shiva Baba.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Natural Way of Life

Though we live unnaturally, we strive to find and understand peace and harmony in a natural way. For example, the tranquility of nature appeals to the vague recollection of the original nature of peace which lies in the subconscious.

Through contact and relationship with God the veneer of falseness built up over many births is stripped away. Though we have bodies of different colour, size, age, sex, we have to look at and understand everyone as souls acting in the drama of life with each other, with other species and with the elements of matter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Perfect Code For Living

Clearly, human beings are more than just social animals or creatures of habit. The ancestors of humanity were perfect, divine beings, and then, through rebirth became more and more attracted to matter, and fell by degrees. Those very souls are alive today, scattered amongst so degraded. Indeed, everyone who has ever been born on this world is still here!

Since the end of the Silver Age there have been many attempts to regulate the slowly degrading behaviour of human beings. Laws and taboos have become so complicated now, but because the loss of understanding was an inner one, all imposed systems of reform and restriction have had little effect.

If established policies and regulations are based on false premises, then naturally the effect will not be real. For example, nowadays just look at the plethora of legislations, law courts, judges, lawyers, penal codes, prisons and police. At the same time, look how little lawfulness there really is. Certainly everyone is breaking the divine laws of harmony.

In the religious field, movements of voluntary penance intended to punish the human spirit for its waywardness, could do little to stem the downward flow of the drama.

The self, God, the 'home', the purpose of life, the past, present and future have al been forgotten. In action, what is truly wrong and right has been forgotten. This is why God gives us the perfect code for living. It is that perfect balance of love and law which plants the sapling for the golden-aged society.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Perfection In Life

Real perfection is achievable on earth. That humanity aspires to be better is actually proof that his perfect state has been previously experienced. The Golden Age and Silver Age were dropped from history and exist now only in myths and legends and subconscious feelings. The search for the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, the Golden Fleece or the Nectar or Elixir of Life are allegories of the search for perfection. Real events have merely perpetuated in the human memory as myths.

Perfection is the aim of human existence. The seeds are sown here and the fruits are received here. Both the perfect and imperfect states exist on earth. A perfect life in perfect surroundings is just as valid as an imperfect life in imperfect surroundings. When heaven exists there is absolutely no trace of hell and when hell exists there is no trace of heaven. The state of perfection in the Golden Age and Silver Age is a hard earned reality.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Liberation And Liberation in Life

Each soul has experienced liberation both in the soul world and in physical world; the former being liberation from matter and the latter the liberation from the soul world into matter. The degree of liberation is relative to each soul's part.

Some souls take a maximum number of births (84) per cycle and consequently spend very little time in the soul world. They have accumulated such spiritual power and such a high level of perfection through their efforts in the Confluence Age that they play bigger roles and such a high level of perfection. Other souls take the minimum of one birth per cycle and spend the rest of the 5000 year drama in the soul world. However many births a soul takes, it has the experience of both liberation and liberation in life relative to the role that it has to play. Even a soul who takes only one birth per cycle has an experience of both liberation and bondage.

Most religions, unsurprisingly, lay greater emphasis on the liberation from the flesh in the company of God, and not on liberation here in this world. The reason for this is that the majority of souls began their parts after the end of the Silver Age and so complete and unlimited liberation in life is not within their experience.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How To Calm Down

Be determined and decide to do nothing for a few minutes.

Find a quiet spot and sit in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and begin to consciously relax every muscle of your body.

Start with your toes and work your way up to your forehead.

Breathe slowly. Then try to listen to the silence in your mind.

You will notice how your thoughts begin to slow down.

If thoughts interrupt, just watch them come and go.

Always return to your original self and you will begin to experience peace and calm within yourself...

Continue for 10 minutes and practice doing this once or twice daily.

After a while you will notice how easily you can cope with external situations with your power of silence.

Taken from a book entitled "Self-Empowerment" by Bridget Menezes

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The State of Perfection

History is a many-pronged fork pointing to as many different concepts about the perfect state of the self as it does about God.

In classical Hinduism, there is the idea of perfection through the merging of the soul with God. The soul is supposed to lose its individual identity and leave the cycle of birth and rebirth. The aim is to get away from this world of "nothing but suffering" and spend the rest of eternity "merged in the light of God."

There is also a belief that the soul transmigrates through 8,400,000 species and then ultimately arrives at the Godhead as a "perfected being." Some of these perfect beings are believed to voluntarily take rebirth here to help those less fortunate than themselves. There are so many messengers, prophets, saints and sages, supposedly here to the salvation of humanity; yet their teachings are at variance. Each one has a different thing to say and a different way of showing it.

In the Judaeo-Christian philosophy, the idea of perfection has been reduced to the goal of one life and a thereafter of either the bliss of "heaven" or the damnation of "hell". These alternatives are meant to inspire hope or fear as the basis of action. Faith takes the lead. Without an understanding of reincarnation it is impossible to explain, for example, the purpose of a baby who has a life of one day and thereafter eternity in "heaven" or "hell". This contravenes the law of karma. How could such an insignificant cause give such an extended effect? In recent Eastern and Western traditions, the possibility of perfection has hardly been mentioned. The majority of beliefs assert that the perfect state only comes after death and that all efforts should be directed towards a good "after life".

In contrast to the idea of perfection in "another region", there is the idea of a perfect life in a perfect society in this physical world. The ancient Egyptians believed in such a perfect paradise-known as the "Osirian Fields"-where men and women lived as equals. There was harmony and an inexhaustible abundance of fruit and grains; complete prosperity. In order to go there after death, on the day of judgement, each one's heart was weighed against a feather. If the heart was heavier than a feather, the soul was sent to a fiery hell. The legends of all the religions pertaining to "paradise on earth" are strikingly similar to this Egyptian idea.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

From The Heart of God

How would we know God if we met Him or Her? Would we know? Would our heart or our mind tell us? Would we believe someone else if they told us that they had met God?

There are many kinds of knowledge, most of it derivative. However, if we are given knowledge by another, do we know it in the same way as when we personally experience it? I may learn all about being a mother by reading about it or hearing someone speak of it, but can I ever really know what it means to be a mother without raising a child myself?

We may say that we know about God because we have read and heard about Him or Her. We may have prayed or called out or sung to Him or Her. We may have had a profound experience that has given us faith. Alternatively, we may have decide that God either doesn't exist or that any traditional concept of God is not for us. Whatever our opinion is, how do we know?

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Effect of Raja Yoga on Physical Health

In the spiritually "de-magnetised" condition, the soul is completely at the mercy of the surrounding physical and vibrational phenomena, and its life force flows outward and is dissipated. In the body-conscious condition the aging process and deterioration of the cells is accelerated through the hyperactivity of the senses.

In the spiritually "magnetised" condition the reserve occurs. By shunning grossness and remaining in the state of yoga with God, the body and brain cells are rejuvenated as if by some spiritual elixir. The sensory tumult is stilled in the midst of all possible temptations. A fathomless peace descends on the mind which has the remarkable effect of "cooling" or "de-exciting" the sense organs so that they don't impede spiritual progress.

The state of the body is a reflection of the state of the soul not only because of past karmic factors (illness which comes as a result of past negativity) but because of its present state also.

For example, when the emotion of fear passes through the mind, the endocrine system starts pumping adrenalin through the body to prepare it for a surge of energy; to run away in huge strides. It is easy to note the cause-effect relationship between fear and adrenalin. In the same way all of the mental oscillations provoke compensatory secretions throughout the body. Internal rage is accompanied by heavy breathing, fast heart-beats, red face and so on. This relationship between body and soul is the reason most physical diseases spring from a psychological origin. It stands to reason that any lessening of harmful secretions through diminishing emotional causes will promote sound and lasting health.

Of course there are other factors which give rise to health problems; pollution, unhealthy life-style, lack of exercise, wrong diet etc. Through Raja Yoga and its consequent positive lifestyle and through a pure vegetarian diet, ill-health can be minimised. The removal of stress and tension has to be one of the most important advantages. Stress plays a huge part in provoking simple problems like headaches and indigestion, chronic problems like asthma and ulcers, or long-term illness such as heart and respiratory problems or even cancer. Health and order in the soul bring health and order in the body.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raja Yoga Meditation

A brief experience of Raja Yoga meditation.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Positive Thoughts Create Right Attitude

Positive thinking means we are able to see the shining light even in darkness. It is the key to happiness.

It helps us to be optimistic because whatever comes in our lives has two sides, a dark side and a bright side, like a whiteboard with a black spot.

If we see the whiteboard, we are optimists whereas if we se the black spot, we are pessimists.

If there are wasteful thoughts and I try to battle with them, it is as if I am giving them life and strength.

So we should look at the bright side of things each day and refrain from seeing the dark side.

Take from Self-Empowerment by Bridget Menezes


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