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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Important Points in Raja Yoga Practice

Yoga is not something we do but rather something we have. It is not that we spend 23 hours in an extrovert state and only one hour in introspective self-effort. In this sense, extroversion means to have the attention drawn by all the goings-on outside the soul. True introversion, also, does not mean to sit in a cornet and not peak to anyone, it means to pay attentin that all thoughts, words and actions are flowing in the right direction. In this respect, the churning over of points of knowledge throughout our active hours strengthens and maintains the yogic state of mind like nothing else.

There are five basic points to churn over. Create your own thought commentaries around each point.

Who Am I?
I am a soul. The body is my chariot. All human beings are souls, too, my brothers and sisters. I see them with spiritual love. Whilst walking and talking I see others as souls. Maintaining this vision I transcend all the barriers of worldly differences.

Whose Child Am I?
Just as I naturally have the awareness of being the child of my physical father, receiving sustenance and a form of inheritance, so too I can have the natural consciousness of being a child of the Supreme Father. I can reflect on the sustenance and inheritance I receive from Him.

What Is My True Religion?
No matter how much surrounding turmoil there may be, I can remember that my true religion is peace and purity. Just as people may resist conversion from their religions, I resist any attempt to pull me away from my true religion.

Where And What Is My Home?
Just as people love their homeland, I can have the same natural love for my original home, the soul world. At the same time I can be aware of my original form of light and power. In this way I can transcend any situation that faces me. I am also aware that I have soon to return home and so I must settle all my karmic accounts.

How Is The World a Drama?
With the consciousness of the cycle of 84 births, I can see my role and the roles of others in a perfect and unlimited drama. Even though others and I are playing parts, we are separate from the roles. Now that I know the Directore and story of the whole drama, there is no point in getting upset over tiny little scenes. I know the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama and so I can re-emerge the sanskaras that I had in the beginning; those of peace, love, purity and happiness.


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