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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

World History Is A Drama

The interplay between souls, nature, God and time is what constitutes the cycle of world history. We shall call it the world drama. God is the director, the souls are the actors, nature is the stage and the movement of the drama is time.

The drama is the story of human souls, their rise and fall, victory and defeat, happiness and suffering, knowledge and ignorance, liberation and bondage. It is the story of the play of good and evil forces and of the different stages through which the souls pass in five different epochs. It is a story of how the souls mistakenly identify themselves with their perishable bodies and how this leads to a decline in all levels of human activity. This decline then reaches its extreme until souls turn again to God and restore their former spiritual heights. Decline, consequences of the law of cause and effect, the emergence of vices, the increase in worship, the advent of pure souls as founders of religions, the emergence of many religions, the growth of fanaticism and confusion, war and disease, and finally the liberation of souls from their self-created bondages; these are the salient features of the drama.

Just as in an ordinary drama, an actor, wearing a suitable costume, acts out his part at a predetermined time, so in the world drama, the soul-actors perform their roles, each at their assigned "cue". This role lies dormant in the soul in the form of impressions, until the right time period triggers the qualities inherent in the soul and it makes its appearance on the stage.

Those impressions become thoughts, which are then translated into words or actions. The total role of every individual exists in latent form within the soul while the soul is in the oul world. When the soul appears in the physical world, theat role begins to manifest. The soul begins to act and after the accumulation of birth upon birth of action, it eventually becomes trapped in their consequences. It forgets its own origin, and is instead bound by various identities, objects, ideologies and relationships, and starts to search for a way out of them.

The world drama, or world history, is but the collective play of all the individual parts of the soul-actors. The soul awaits in the soul world, "backstage" until the situation is conducive for it to enter the drama. Once each soul is here, it must remain until all souls have come onto the stage. At that time there is major transformation and all sould except for a few return home to the soul world. And the drama begins again. The only possible way that life can thus eternally continue is if time is cyclic.


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