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Saturday, December 22, 2007


The greatest key to inculcation of divine virtues is introvertness. Introvertness necessitates speaking only what and when we must which saves time and energy. Where talk is useful. I take part with enthusiasm and delight. Otherwise great benefit exists in staying in silent remembrance. Introvertness does not only refer to being physically silent but as much as possible having attention on one's internal stage and progress. Likewise extroversion does not only refer to attention-seeking behaviour but essentially to having one's attention pulled by people, things and circumstances thus creating an inner vacuum. The process of yoga takes the soul from sense-gratification to blissful awareness. The basis of freedom from vice is the love of the incorporeal, the eternal. No devotion, pilgrimage, occult power or exercises are greater than the purifying effect of love for God based on knowledge of Him. Without love, spiritual endeavours further bondages. Without knowledge they can be dangerous.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Who am I - Meditation Commentary

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Positive Qualities

Every scene of the drama calls upon positive attitudes such as humility, tolerance, compassion, mercy, sweetness, cheerfulness, contentment, patience and fortitude. These are the shock absorbers in life ensuring the smooth and easy passage. The world of the Golden and Silver Ages is the world of positivity. I must incalcate that positive approach in this birth. The method of acquiring these qualities is to see and imbibe only the goodness of others. When I know I still lack something myself, will I concentrate on the faults of others and ignore my own? Since Shiv Baba is the source of all goodness, I learn to drink only from that One. The goodness I see in others was created by Him. I learn not to drink the dirtiness of human flaws and weaknesses but to have love for all and pure vision towards all. By loving God, I feel complete and natural and easy with everyone. I am helping in God's work of re-establishment of the new world.


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