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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Positive Qualities

Every scene of the drama calls upon positive attitudes such as humility, tolerance, compassion, mercy, sweetness, cheerfulness, contentment, patience and fortitude. These are the shock absorbers in life ensuring the smooth and easy passage. The world of the Golden and Silver Ages is the world of positivity. I must incalcate that positive approach in this birth. The method of acquiring these qualities is to see and imbibe only the goodness of others. When I know I still lack something myself, will I concentrate on the faults of others and ignore my own? Since Shiv Baba is the source of all goodness, I learn to drink only from that One. The goodness I see in others was created by Him. I learn not to drink the dirtiness of human flaws and weaknesses but to have love for all and pure vision towards all. By loving God, I feel complete and natural and easy with everyone. I am helping in God's work of re-establishment of the new world.

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