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Saturday, November 24, 2007

How To Leave The Influence of Body-Consciousness

If there is one vice present others are not far behind. So too, if there is one positive quality it can take the soul forward to perfection, gradually embracing all other virtues on the way.

By focussing on my virtures, not stay on my defects, they will strengthen. Beacause the destination in Raja Yoga is high, defects are bound to apprear. If, instead of becoming unhappy, I look at my strong points, without ego or body-consciousness, and seeing them as gifts from God, they will take me far beyond negativity.

The negative approach of trying to tackle the vices is like a little boy trying to plug up all the holes in the wall of a dyke. Eventually he runs out of fingers and toes to block the holes and is unable to stop the flow. The positive approach is to take God's help. I go beyond the defects that keep appearing, bey seeing myself more and more in the mirror of His qualities.

What else but virtue can I give to God? Only the love that is in my heart. I am then able to serve the world with honesty. If the soul says, "It's too difficult to carry on", Shive Baba will say, "Who told you to go alone? Just sit in my lap and I will carry you. You are like a child learning to walk, who wants to leave its mother's hand but falls over. Stay in my lap and I will take care of you." The soul takes the positive approach and goes on inculcating positive natural qualities. Automatically, the vices are replaced by virtues.

It is sometimes difficult to realise that any problem or disturbance I feel is because of the influence of the vices within the self. No-one or nothing external can really upset me, but I upset myself. By not blaming anyone else if I am unhappy I free myself. The more I become free from body-consciousness, the more tolerant and accommodating I become. Because I am no longer intellectually in bondage to my own identity, I no longer categorise others according to physical criteria. I don't try to impress them with my qualities but with the qualities of my highest Father.

Knowledge of God and His acts impresses upon me that I am His heir, the inheritor of His qualities. When I know God and His most beautiful form and abode, I can develop to my maximum potential and thus experience constant happiness.

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Wolfbernz said...

There isn't a better feeling then to let go and feel God flow through ones body...Nice post

All the best


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