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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Forms Of Body-Consciousness - Laziness

When the weight of past sins is heavy it produces a type of spiritual sluggishness that hampers the effort to change thought, words and actions. The laziness on a subtle level deludes the soul into imagining that "Everything is alright. There are no problems. I'm OK." The soul rejects the impulse to make internal efforts. There's an expression in India that spiritual endeavour "isn't as easy as going to your aunty's house". Many desist from practices like meditation after only a few tries because laziness pulls the soul towards complacency which it mistakes for contentment. Laziness, you could say, is one of the main perpetrators of a negative state of mind, robbing zeal and giving birth and sustenance to the other vices. All of the above negative forces surface in the mind at any appropriate situation unless the soul is in the sweet remembrance of the true Mother and Father. When I know myself from God, these vices and their offspring such as sloth, vanity, jealousy, fault-finding, etc are intruders into the original texture of the soul. In front of me, I can see a state of complete freedom, and it is a state definitely without these negative forces.

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