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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forms of Body-Consciousness - Fear

Fear exists only when we are body-conscious. It is the result of attachment to the physical body, identity, possessions or status. If I am fearful, any harm that the body may be subjected to may cause me to lose my sense of distinguishing between truth and illusion. As a yogi, I know and understand how the soul is related to this body and to this world. I understand completely that death or loss is nothing but a change of circumstances which can be viewed impartially and with complete security. My life is in God's hands and my actions are according to His directions. I am resolving my karmic account so I have nothing to fear from the consequences of my past actions. Fear of an unknown future, which is common to most, is replaced by the assurance that everything I am doing in yoga is guaranteed to have a positive result for eternity.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forms of Body-Consciousness - Greed

The natural state is one of sharing and self-satisfaction; to have nothing but to have everything. With greed, I build walls of material possessions within which I run around in circles in the race of self-aggandisement, accumulating this, acquiring that.

Greed robs the soul of its dignity as it becomes lost in the pleasures of the senses, especially taste and colour. The greedy soul, stripped of its royalty, attempts to substitute inner wealth with material things.

Greed for food, possessions, power or ambition, hinder the development of spirituality in the soul. The greedy soul can never be content. I have "greed" only for the wealth of knowledge and the love of God. I can appreciate beautiful things but I have no desire to own them. True natural love brings calmness but greed is a fire that burns within and agitates the mind to constantly search for things to acquire and accumulate.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dadi Janki On Science And Spirituality

Watch this.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Forms of Body-Consciousness - Anger

Anger is the negation of love, which indicates that the angry soul actually needs love. It burns the soul and others in connection with it and disturbs the natural state totally. People mistakenly believe that anger can bring a situation under control thereby creating a "satisfactory situation". But when I am not satisfied with myself I cannot be satisfied with others nor can I satisfy others.

Anger is a spear that wounds feelings. When I react with anger, all I am really doing is damaging myself as well as the other. When there is preoccupation with selfish desires, plans and motives, the soul lays itself open to anger attacks or its related forms: envy, jealousy, impatience, annoyance, irritability, disgust, backbiting, sullenness, violence, contrariness, sulking. Each time anger is expressed, harmful secretions flow through the metabolism causing many physical disorders, such as ulcers, heart trouble and psychosomatic problems.


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