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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forms of Body-Consciousness - Fear

Fear exists only when we are body-conscious. It is the result of attachment to the physical body, identity, possessions or status. If I am fearful, any harm that the body may be subjected to may cause me to lose my sense of distinguishing between truth and illusion. As a yogi, I know and understand how the soul is related to this body and to this world. I understand completely that death or loss is nothing but a change of circumstances which can be viewed impartially and with complete security. My life is in God's hands and my actions are according to His directions. I am resolving my karmic account so I have nothing to fear from the consequences of my past actions. Fear of an unknown future, which is common to most, is replaced by the assurance that everything I am doing in yoga is guaranteed to have a positive result for eternity.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just started studying Raja yoga. But everytime I try to feel my real self, that is not mind, I get uncomfortable and fearful feeling. How can I just be without fear?


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