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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forms of Body-Consciousness - Greed

The natural state is one of sharing and self-satisfaction; to have nothing but to have everything. With greed, I build walls of material possessions within which I run around in circles in the race of self-aggandisement, accumulating this, acquiring that.

Greed robs the soul of its dignity as it becomes lost in the pleasures of the senses, especially taste and colour. The greedy soul, stripped of its royalty, attempts to substitute inner wealth with material things.

Greed for food, possessions, power or ambition, hinder the development of spirituality in the soul. The greedy soul can never be content. I have "greed" only for the wealth of knowledge and the love of God. I can appreciate beautiful things but I have no desire to own them. True natural love brings calmness but greed is a fire that burns within and agitates the mind to constantly search for things to acquire and accumulate.

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