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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mind Can Heal Diseases

Dr. Albert Mason, an anaesthetist, came across an unusual sixteen-year-old boy, who was admitted to a hospital for the treatment of fish-skin disease. His whole body was covered with black warts. As the skin transplant operation did not succeed, Dr. Mason thought of using powers of suggestion. The boy had good concentration and was accepting suggestions well. In the state of relaxation, the suggestion that the warts from his left arm would disappear indeed worked in a few days. When the wonder case was shown to the surgeon-in-charge, he was amazed and explained that this is an incurable disease. The second attempt in curing the right arm and the third attempt in curing legs also resulted in a good measure of success.

The mind plays a subtle role in curing an illness. With the power of the mind, we can reduce and even eliminate many of the ailments we suffer from. Everything depends on the mind. The creative power of the thought is the greatest power of all.

Taken from a book entitled "Self-Empowerment" by Bridget Menezes


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