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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

From The Heart of God

How would we know God if we met Him or Her? Would we know? Would our heart or our mind tell us? Would we believe someone else if they told us that they had met God?

There are many kinds of knowledge, most of it derivative. However, if we are given knowledge by another, do we know it in the same way as when we personally experience it? I may learn all about being a mother by reading about it or hearing someone speak of it, but can I ever really know what it means to be a mother without raising a child myself?

We may say that we know about God because we have read and heard about Him or Her. We may have prayed or called out or sung to Him or Her. We may have had a profound experience that has given us faith. Alternatively, we may have decide that God either doesn't exist or that any traditional concept of God is not for us. Whatever our opinion is, how do we know?

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