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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Effect of Raja Yoga on Physical Health

In the spiritually "de-magnetised" condition, the soul is completely at the mercy of the surrounding physical and vibrational phenomena, and its life force flows outward and is dissipated. In the body-conscious condition the aging process and deterioration of the cells is accelerated through the hyperactivity of the senses.

In the spiritually "magnetised" condition the reserve occurs. By shunning grossness and remaining in the state of yoga with God, the body and brain cells are rejuvenated as if by some spiritual elixir. The sensory tumult is stilled in the midst of all possible temptations. A fathomless peace descends on the mind which has the remarkable effect of "cooling" or "de-exciting" the sense organs so that they don't impede spiritual progress.

The state of the body is a reflection of the state of the soul not only because of past karmic factors (illness which comes as a result of past negativity) but because of its present state also.

For example, when the emotion of fear passes through the mind, the endocrine system starts pumping adrenalin through the body to prepare it for a surge of energy; to run away in huge strides. It is easy to note the cause-effect relationship between fear and adrenalin. In the same way all of the mental oscillations provoke compensatory secretions throughout the body. Internal rage is accompanied by heavy breathing, fast heart-beats, red face and so on. This relationship between body and soul is the reason most physical diseases spring from a psychological origin. It stands to reason that any lessening of harmful secretions through diminishing emotional causes will promote sound and lasting health.

Of course there are other factors which give rise to health problems; pollution, unhealthy life-style, lack of exercise, wrong diet etc. Through Raja Yoga and its consequent positive lifestyle and through a pure vegetarian diet, ill-health can be minimised. The removal of stress and tension has to be one of the most important advantages. Stress plays a huge part in provoking simple problems like headaches and indigestion, chronic problems like asthma and ulcers, or long-term illness such as heart and respiratory problems or even cancer. Health and order in the soul bring health and order in the body.


Mark said...

Thank you for making this blog :)

It was actually through my interest in Hindu, and Buddhist, philosophy that I got the confidence to become a vegetarian; despite the inevitable disapproval of my overwhelmingly carnivorous family.

I find the direct benefits of yoga and meditation, on my own body and mind, impossible to measure. I've found that regularly practicing Yogalates (yoga asanas+pilates), meditation, and mindfulness, influences every area of my life. I now find it easy to overcome negative emotions, such as anger or jealousy and am amazed that I managed to survive the first seventeen years of my life, without these insights.

Through these practices it soon becomes obvious that my sense of 'self' relies, not on my appearance, belongings, reputation, qualifications or social standing, but on something more subtle. Through meditation, I experience my 'self' in it's clearest form, giving the confidence to fulfill my true potential, love myself - for who I really am - and hence develop unconditional love for others.

My quality of life has improved exponentially since I first began these practices, setting off a chain reaction of small, but life-changing, realisations and shifts in the way I perceive my mind, and the world around me. I first became interested in Eastern Philosophy in the pursuit of 'the path to Enlightenment', but it's now clear to me that, in many ways, the path itself IS enlightenment. I was born with the potential for bliss and reaching it is only a matter of shedding bad habits, picked up while being born and growing up in a morally corrupt, consumerist culture.

I am the healthiest, happiest, most insightful and most confident I have ever felt. Any of this, that's not directly a result of Yoga and meditation, I am now more capable to fully appreciate and maintain.

Many in the west see yoga as an exercise routine, something to be done only in a Gym, a morally naive way of making up for abusing ones body after a weekend of self indulgence. To me, yoga is an unadulterated way of seeing and experiencing life, in all its pure and pristine beauty.

Put simply, Raja Yoga has improved my quality of life: by changing the very way in which I live it.

GenesisCEO said...

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