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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silver Age - The Decline

Inevitably the slow decline of things starts to be noticed. As spring imperceptibly creeps into summer, the Golden Age paradise becomes a "semi-paradise", a Silver Age.

Its beginning is marked by the changing of dynasties; from that of Lakshmi and Narayan to that of Rama and Sita which lasts 12 generations; this is remembered as the "Moon Dynasty". The deities (so called for their divine actions) are discharging their original power and qualities through their actions which effects the whole kingdom. Comparing the Golden Age and Silver Age is somewhat like comparing the effect of the sun on colours at full-light and its effect at half-light. The colour and beauty of things are still there but their richness is a little dulled.

In the relationship amongst souls there is still pure love, but the population is increasing, the kingdom is expanding and for convenience is divided into principalities. Material resources are therefore being spread more thinly over a wider area to meet a greater demand. The souls who entered this play are gradually becoming attracted to the things of the senses. Material beauty first allures the soul more and more in each successive birth, into the world of the senses and sensual desires. Though there is hardly any negativity or sorrow, the quality of all things is a little less. There is a difference in the degrees of bliss, power, purity and prosperity.

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