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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Golden Age - The Age of Truth

In the beginning, each member of society plays exactly that role for which his or her natural qualities are best suited. Some have the qualities to be rulers and others have the qualities to be subjects. It is a hierarchical society based on divine virtues. This means that different roles are based upon intrinsic qualities and not on false notions of grandeur and social inequalities. Because each soul plays the role to which it is best suited no one complains or covets the role of another. Though there are rulers and subjects, there is neither enforced authority nor submissive subordination. The rulers are simpy those who have the greatest virtues and natural wisdom.

The system is held together like a perfect, crystal lattice. Everything is at its highest stage of purity and beauty. Concepts such as value, profit and loss, misery, poverty, sorrow and death do not exist. In a society whose members have much more that they need, trade and exchange are carried out mainly for distribution purposes. With such universal prosperity, and internal and external harmony, shortage and the misery it entails are unimaginable.

The system of the Golden Age is not a conscious philosophy in practice but rather a natural manifestation of a society whose members are in the highest state of natural soul-consciousness. They instinctively feel their realities as souls and not bodies. Being soul-conscious they are automatically the masters of their sense organs and of their environment.

This picture is not the idealized paradise; it does not pretend a perpetual youth of blissful innocence. It is the peak of human civilization in every field of human endeavour; teaching, music, government, drama, linguistics, painting and science. Science is such that it comprehends and harnesses the forces that govern this planet without destroying or polluting the environment. It is the purest use of science and technology at its highest level.

Only the best materials are used in the construction of perfect architecture, the best that nature can provide: gold, diamonds, rubies, etc. The world is a garden in which the seasons vary slightly. Art, dance and music are at their most expressive. There are no norders of land, sea or air. The soul is in perfect balance with all others. Everyone enjoys good health. There is no need for laws or law courts. The only law is love.

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