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Friday, July 20, 2007

Copper Age - The Age of Duality

This age is the beginning of recorded history. The virtuous state, or the ability to perform truthfully, has been lost and that missing gap has to be filled in. Thus the search to gain back the lost paradise begins, though is is truly "lost". The elements of nature combine to produce changes of catastrophic proportions, so much so that even the buildings are buried to such a depth that architectural traces are only now being discovered. The ways and acts of the deities, however, are remembered and they become the figures of our myths and legends, devotion and worship.

The original race is shattered over the face of the earth. Some of these "pockets of civilization" become isolated and in such hostile conditions rapidly degenerate, forming "primitive" or "tribal" societies. Large groups of immigrants from India emerge in Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon, still carrying remnants of the most elevated culture and technology the world has ever known. However, unable to meet the challenges offered by the harsher conditions, they too experience rapid decline. We find a preoccupation in the mythologies of all the major, ancient civilizations about a "lost paradise" and the "beautiful gods and goddesses" who ruled there. Pantheism proves that our ancient civilizations are descended from the original deity civilization.

Ideologies emerge in an effort to rationalise and revert the fall that is occurring, but no-one has sufficient power to bring the tatters of humanity back together. Such attempts have instead served to separate various cultures ever more.

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