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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Iron Age - The Age of Death

The search for something higher is becoming desperate, as impurity and decadence become extreme. Human beings by this time are totally chained to the vices, creating unlimited sorrow and unrest. It is the age of utmost decline in moral, ethical and spiritual values. Conditions of chaos and anarchy under the guise of democracy have totally overtaken the system of divine monarchy. The masses are continually being incited on the basis of differences of language, religion or political belief. People are against themselves, others and nature. The world is divided and power games are rife. The actions of caring group may benefit some but it is always at a cost to others.

Religion as a basis for living is supplanted by scientific thinking. Science is a "god" which reduces everything to material values. Perverse thnking permeates all levels of society. The poor are against the rich, blacks against whites, brothers against sisters through obliviousness of our common origin. There is total disruption in family life, which is reflected in the community, in the city, in tha nation and in the world.

Towards the end of the Iron Age all conditions become extreme. Society becomes degraded and dehumanised. The persuit of material ambition is held as the sole aim and object of existence. "Eat, drink and be merry" is the catchphrase of the masses without thought for consequences.

Respect is replaced by conceit, mistrust and sexual promiscuity. There are many demonstrations and revolutions. Power changes hands rapidly and in the final hours of the Iron Age, the weapons and equipment are manufactured which can bring about the physical transformaton of the world. Souls are liberated from their bodies and return to the soul world. The river of history has run its full course.

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Michael said...

Ilchi Lee has a fantastic reputation due to what he teaches and how he uses his mind. Ilchi Lee was driven at youth to ask deep inner questions about his existence, which is a question that we all bring up sometimes. Ilchi Lee is also a master of Teak Kwon Do and spent 21 days alone meditating. Meditate is to reflect deeply on a subject. Meditate to think to intently and at length as for spiritual purposes. This is similar to what many of us do. How many times have you been sitting around bored, just staring into nothing. You are meditating. Ilchi Lee also traveled across the USA and stumbled across a city to start teaching his ideas. This wonderful and beautiful city was Sedona, Arizona. Finally, Ilchi Lee

Book of Joshua: Isaac went out to meditate in the field.
Hebrew word; talk to himself. To devise, imagine.
Greek word; what people do to make sure they can teach



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