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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Perfect Code For Living

Clearly, human beings are more than just social animals or creatures of habit. The ancestors of humanity were perfect, divine beings, and then, through rebirth became more and more attracted to matter, and fell by degrees. Those very souls are alive today, scattered amongst so degraded. Indeed, everyone who has ever been born on this world is still here!

Since the end of the Silver Age there have been many attempts to regulate the slowly degrading behaviour of human beings. Laws and taboos have become so complicated now, but because the loss of understanding was an inner one, all imposed systems of reform and restriction have had little effect.

If established policies and regulations are based on false premises, then naturally the effect will not be real. For example, nowadays just look at the plethora of legislations, law courts, judges, lawyers, penal codes, prisons and police. At the same time, look how little lawfulness there really is. Certainly everyone is breaking the divine laws of harmony.

In the religious field, movements of voluntary penance intended to punish the human spirit for its waywardness, could do little to stem the downward flow of the drama.

The self, God, the 'home', the purpose of life, the past, present and future have al been forgotten. In action, what is truly wrong and right has been forgotten. This is why God gives us the perfect code for living. It is that perfect balance of love and law which plants the sapling for the golden-aged society.

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