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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Self-Realisation And Karma

Self-realisation is the recognition and understanding of the soul's actions and reactions. Unless we have a deep concern for this we cannot progress. We must see if an action is beneficial and channelled into the service of others. For then it is of service tot he self. If we do happen to perform some harmful action, our knowledge and yoga will give the power to change, and to realise 'past is past'.


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Stress Relief said...

This post reminds me of a guided meditation program I used to have. It was great and all, but the biofeedback equipment kind of freaked me out.

Singing Bowls said...

I use this concept when making decisions. When I can't decide between two things, I think to myself "what action will lead to the greater good?"

Royalwaycommunityjournal said...

The practice of yoga has been around for hundreds of years (or more). It originated in India, and was introduced by holy men (called Yogis) who would meditate for days together, in order to train their minds and bodies, and to achieve a sense of well being. Nowadays, many people think of yoga in terms of the different styles of yoga, or in terms of yoga poses, but in reality it is a combination of these exercises as well as the practice of meditation.

Kathy said...


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