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Monday, March 24, 2008

Liberation And Liberation in Life

Each soul has experienced liberation both in the soul world and in physical world; the former being liberation from matter and the latter the liberation from the soul world into matter. The degree of liberation is relative to each soul's part.

Some souls take a maximum number of births (84) per cycle and consequently spend very little time in the soul world. They have accumulated such spiritual power and such a high level of perfection through their efforts in the Confluence Age that they play bigger roles and such a high level of perfection. Other souls take the minimum of one birth per cycle and spend the rest of the 5000 year drama in the soul world. However many births a soul takes, it has the experience of both liberation and liberation in life relative to the role that it has to play. Even a soul who takes only one birth per cycle has an experience of both liberation and bondage.

Most religions, unsurprisingly, lay greater emphasis on the liberation from the flesh in the company of God, and not on liberation here in this world. The reason for this is that the majority of souls began their parts after the end of the Silver Age and so complete and unlimited liberation in life is not within their experience.

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