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Friday, October 06, 2006

Who Am I

"Human being" means the consciousness, the soul or "being" experiencing life through the body, the "human". The body is perishable and temporary, whereas the soul is eternal and without physical dimension. I give you few examples, the soul is the driver, the body is the car. The soul is the guest, the body is the hotel. The soul is the actor, the body is the costume. The soul is the musician, the body is the instrument. I can use a knife to cut a tomato. I can use the same knife to stab someone. The knife neither decides nor experiences, but can be washed easily under the tap.

Now look at the fingers which held the knife. They neither decide nor experience the actions. They too can be washed under the tap. It's easy to realise that the knife is an instrument, but it is more difficult to realise that the fingers are instruments too; not only the fingers but the arms also. The legs are instruments for walking, the eyes for seeing, the ears for hearing, the mouth for speaking, breathing, tasting, the heart for pumping food and oxygen around the body, and so on. Even the brain is an instrument used like a computer to express all thought, word and action programmes through the body and to experience the results. If every physical part of the body is an instrument, who or what is it that is using the instrument?

Very simply it is "I", the self, the soul. The soul uses the word "I" for itself and the word "my" when referring to the body; "my" hand, "my" mouth, "my" brain, etc. "I" am different from "my" body.

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