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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation is the means to channel good thought energy into one's mood. It means to turn the thoughts away from those of anger, greed and frustration to a far higher level of peace and contentment. To get started on meditation, all we need is 10 minutes of time a day. It is practiced with our eyes fully open. People always have no time. But can we imagine that we can sit down and gossip on the phone for hours, go shopping for hours, go clubbing for hours and so on (no obligation, okay?). I am talking from experience. Meditation brings peace. Everybody wants peace. Who else in this world do not want peace? Meditation is like a tap flowing into a bucket of dirty water. Eventually the dirt will be washed away.

Before, I used to be very emotional and I would cry over small things. I used to be stressed at work and would get sick easily. I used to take "Prozac" that the psychiatrist (doctor) prescribed to me due to my depression. I used to be depressed and always think that I am useless and always think of wanting to end up my life. I was lost for nearly two years. I don't know where I belonged. It was a terrible time for me. When I think back, I feel so dumb. Who should I blame for my depression? Nobody... I should blame myself for taking all these suffering. Oh well, the past is past. Now, I just concentrate on the now and I practice meditation. I feel at peace everytime I meditate. I try not to think about the past and future too much. Sometimes, too much expectations can lead to disappointment. While too much thoughts of the past can lead to anger and vengeful feelings. I don't want to suffer like this anymore.

Now, I realise that my depression is caused by my own self. This is my biggest realisation that has changed my life. Through Raja Yoga Meditation, I learn to know about myself more. Questions like who am I, where I came from, and other unanswered questions, all have been answered.

During the initial stages of meditation many wasteful thoughts do come. This is due to the soul's longstanding habit of thinking aimlessly. The mind has been attracted or repelled by everything and everyone. The soul has been buffeted around from one experience to another, one scene to another. I must break the negative cycles of worry, doubt and confusion within, by recharging the soul with my own original attributes of peace, purity, love and joy. I must make sure the engines of my senses are not burning up the vital fuel of inner peace.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

node357 said...

I did a search for "repelled by everything" and found your blog. I feel repelled by everything lately. Maybe I'll try meditation.


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