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Friday, October 27, 2006

Way To Beat Stress

We all play losing games at times and do things that are self-defeating - like not eating well, not getting enough sleep, working excessively long hours and getting too little rest. Mis-managing time is another losing game. Procastination, leaving for work at the last moment and spending too much time on low priority tasks, can considerably heighten our stress levels.

Stress results from our reaction to our physical or emotional circumstances. Since we can control our emotions, it follows that we alone can rid ourselves of the stress which besets our life. We have the option to channel our energy towards the right activity. Stress, when allowed to gnaw at us, multiplies manifold. We begin to associate the stress caused by one event, with all past similar events or situations, thereby making our current problem much larger than it actually is!

How can we become stress-proof or at least be armed to handle tension? By prioritising activities. Do not worry if you are unable to carry out all the tasks planned. Use time in a worthwhile way. Be realistic about your own capability. Tasks which are beyond your capacity can be delegated to others, while you concentrate on those which you can manage well.

Taken from a book entitled 'Self-Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes

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