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Monday, October 23, 2006

Positive Mind Heals Body Rapidly

When my mind is positive, my body heals rapidly. My positive mind influences the healing process of my body. I had mild ashma before, now it seems that my ashma is almost gone. Before I join Raja Yoga Meditation last year, I had a hard time, that is almost every night I had ashma attack. That is why I am saying that the positive mind heals body. It really happened to me and it really helped. If I complain and ask for attention, I make the lives of others miserable, whereas, if I remain peaceful and take my medication quietly, I get the good wishes of those around me. I practice yoga meditation because I want to remain in a state of positive mind. This is where I find my inner peace. When I'm at peace, I can think positively. When I have a positive mind, I can know the difference between good and bad. Our mind is so powerful. It controls our body. If we don't control our mind properly, a negative mind will start to control our mind, and we start to get sick and do negative things. Don't let it be... Mind and body are inextricably linked and we should learn to keep our mind peaceful and our nature simple. Locked within our minds are choices about happiness and pain and the choices we make affect our health accordingly.

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