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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Attitude Can Influence Our Lifespan

Since we spend a major portion of our lives at a job, our attitude towards what we do influences our lifespan. Mind you, it is not what we do, but our attitude towards it which matters.

Two men were moving some stones to erect a church. When asked, "What are you doing?" One answered, "I am lifting rocks." The other said. "I am helping to create a temple for God." This visionary approach to our job, realizing the long-term impact it has on people and the world, is superior to the short-term, 'How soon can I get out of here' approach. The better approach facilitates greater motivation, accomplishment and enjoyment. These positive emotions will have a positive impact on our long-term health.

If our attitude towards work or people is negative, we will not enjoy our work and adversely undergo stress. It is not the work but the attitude which causes stress. People spend hours on their hobbies and yet never get tired.

Take from Self-Empowerment by Bridget Menezes

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