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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Be Mindful of the Law of Cause and Effect

Values are neither physical nor material in nature, yet people attempt to obtain them through material things. It is like trying to build castles in the air but beginning at the top instead of with the foundation.

Today, everyone is expressing unhappiness in one form or another. Who is responsible for this sad situation?

No one actually. If we understand the laws of creation, then we know we are responsible for our own state of being. The first law is that everything is created new. Nothing old can be created. You cannot build an old house, nor bake stale bread. Ignorance of this law is why many people grumble when they are unhappy;

By understanding the law of cause and effect, there will be fear within us of causing harm to others either through our words or our actions. Whatever we do to others, comes back to us. If we keep this in mind, we will be safe and stable.

Taken from a book entitled "Self-Empowerment" by Bridget Menezes

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