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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Is It Possible To Control The Flow of Thought

Before doing any action we first have to think. Yet how much time do we spend developing the thinking faculty, the mind? With a little knowledge of the power of thought and soul-consciousness, I can remove all inner storms and enjoy a tranquil existence. With knowledge I can control any mood which and bring enormous benefit both to myself and to all others with whom I have contact.

We spend most of our time searching externally for fulfilment. This means that the soul becomes totally at the mercy of what is going on externally. If the scene is unpleasant or even if something very minor goes wrong, I become worried and upset. Through the practice of soul-consciousness and meditation, I can remain strong and content, come what may. I am a soul and I have my own store of peace from which I can draw at any time. I do not need to practise complicated breathing exercises or strenuous physical posturing. I can draw on my own experience of just being a soul wherever I am, countryside or city, home or work. Thus meditation is a continuing experience rather than a static one.

The understanding of the self as a soul is the foundation of all spiritual experience. If you have practised some form of meditation before, it is likely that you were asked to concentrate on a flower, a dot on the wall, the picture of some great saint, a candle flame or maybe even to endlessly repeat some words which are little understood. To concentrate, I must have a focus that is certain and easy to visualise. Very simple and naturally, I, the soul, on the wings of my thoughts can fly to my eternal and highest home and experience my original attributes.

As I begin to practise soul-consciousness, I learn to detach myself from the diverse and difficult situations around me and turn naturally to my home and the Father of all souls who dwells there. The mind becomes automatically controlled by this flow of peace. With the fundamental understanding of the distinctions between soul and body, the spiritual and the physical, I begin to meditate.

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