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Saturday, September 30, 2006


The story began when a friend approached me and asked me to join this course called Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation and she told me that it was free of charge. I was so curious about it and finally I joined. Ever since I joined, I never missed the lessons. I managed to complete the course of seven free lessons where I learnt the gentle art of Raja Yoga meditation and discovered new insights that helped me change the quality of my life. The word Yoga literally means connection or link. The mental connection or loving remembrance between a soul and the Supreme Soul is known as Yoga. It is called Raja Yoga because it enables a person to become a master of self.

Raja Yoga Meditation is taught in a simple but structured way through a course of seven free lessons, given individually or in a group. The aim is to experience peace and to develop positive attitudes towards our everyday lives, based upon a philosophy and meditation techniques. Raja Yoga Meditation is an easy way of taking care of the spirit, mind and body. It enables me to direct thoughts towards peaceful, positive experiences. This way, I develop a positive outlook towards everyday situations. It can be learnt and practiced at home or at work. There is no need for gurus, mantras or any physical exercise. It is practiced with our eyes fully open.

Maybe some of you might be unsure of who can practice this. Anyone in this world can. No matter what the background is - the gender, age, nationality, culture, religion, language, social status, wealth, profession, and the present state of being – none of these matters. You just need to make the choice to listen to your inner voice. Actually, Raja Yoga meditation is a way of life. It can be practiced even while doing daily activities. There is no restriction of time and place.

What are the benefits?
Stress is replaced by a deep sense of peace
Inner power is developed to change and remove unwanted habits
Renewed health and vitality
Improved relationships
Increased concentration levels
Worry is transformed into a happy state of well-being

These are the core curriculum offered topics that I learnt in Foundation Course and Raja Yoga Meditation
Understanding the Self
God and Understanding God
Understanding the Human tree
Understanding the Cycle of Time
The Story of the Rise and Fall of human souls
The Raja Yoga Meditation
The Benefits of Meditation
Getting started for Meditation
Law of Karma
A Spiritual Lifestyle


Lesley said...

ThankYou Sister, Living So Far From The Asia Pacific Retreat As One Does & Being In The Wetlands, The Knowledge Of Raja Yoga Abides Within & There Has Been Intense Longing To See My Sisters & Brothers @ Raja Yoga But Now There Is Access To A Laptop Computer, One Can See Lovely Blogs Such As This Through Intention & Pressing A Key. Your Blog Brought About Happiness As I Watched Dadi Janki Speak On Science & Spirituality, It Felt As Though One Was Upstairs @ The Retreat Recieving Drishti From Dadi & Although It was'nt Visually Present I Could See Dadi Janki Sitting Upon The Gadi Reading Murli. The Feeling Of Seperation Disappeared & Oneness Returned, Tears Of Joy Streamed Down The Face As Om Remembered Baba,Dadi's Janki' Gulzar' & Didi. For This Exsperience One Is Deeply Grateful. ThankYou For You DearHeart & This Blogging For It Has Brought The Family To Me. I Will Continue To Visit This Blog To See Videos (I Watched Every One That Was Listed Below Science & Spirituality & Dadi Janki Along With "Being Of Light" Are The Favourites. One Hopes That There Will Be More To Find. I Had Searched The Internet But Found Very Little Containing Visuals So When Your Blog Appeared, It felt Wonderful & I Just Had To Leave A Message Of Thanks. Be Well & Om Shanti. (theoriginaltigeress@vic.australis.com.au) .. Please Let Me Know When You Post Again. : ) Lesley.

JoeyB said...

Where can I find this raja yoga curriculum outlined on the home page? Thanks.

John B.

Putty said...

You can go to http://www.bkwsu.com. This is the official website.


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